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The unprecedented growth of online shopping accelerated by COVID has created unique opportunities for e-commerce. But the shift from store replenishment in bulk to single deliveries has made order processing more complex, and created multiple challenges:

  • Need for hiring to keep up with the growth of operations
  • Standardization of processes generating more repetitive tasks
  • Even more reliability required to ensure highest standards

Nomagic offers a real partnership

and takes end-to-end responsibility for item handling in your warehouse. Our solutions for e-commerce are:

justPick is the perfect partner to your associates to get them to manage robots representing up to 10x their regular picking activity thanks to individual autonomy above 2 hours.

Let our robotic system take care of pick & place or pick & pack and assign your associates to value-added robotic supervision.


  • Delivers picks for 70+% of SKUs with autonomous work for more than 2 hours
  • Enables picking activity to be always ON and to pick off cycles
  • Scales with your needs, from a single pilot station to a robot fleet
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justInduct lets your associates take over the supervision of robotized induct stations with individual throughput up to 650/h and scanning success up to 99.8%.

Our robotic system removes the most repetitive induct tasks to focus operators on supporting industrialized technology.


  • Scans garments and boxes at an unmatched success rate of 99.8%
  • Reduces operative costs for monotonous and repetitive tasks
  • Switches from 2 to 3 shifts for peak days at 0 additional cost
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They partner with us

Cdiscount is the #1 French eCommerce platform. Created in 1998 they deliver electronics and home products to French customers

Nomagic started its cooperation with Cdiscount in February 2018, less than 1 year after the company was created. Thanks to strong partnership with Cdiscount teams, Nomagic developed and integrated in 8 months the first fully automated solution for eCommerce packing. Our solution still runs at Cdiscount since then.

Watch how Nomagic helped Cdiscount
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