Shuttle pickingShuttle picking

Keep your Shuttle always ON

Automate picking for a wide range of SKUs

Shuttle storage systems offer the advantage of ensuring a constant flow of products from the storage racks to the picking stations, with increased storage density and picking speed.

Shuttle systems are just the first step to a fully automated and efficient warehouse.

justPick is next to keep the warehouse always ON
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Nomagic provides Shuttle picking robotic solution built for coverage and reliability:


Multiple layers of validation in our algorithms to guarantee pick success


Always ON picks for 70%+ of SKUs


Remote robot operators who never leave your robot alone

Our solutions can be calibrated to your needs and requirements:

Ensuring high throughput

We provide solutions based on industrial robot arms with proprietary motion control, optimized for throughputs above 600 per hour.

Multi-order preparation

We operate in various configurations of source and target bins: 1 to 1, 2 to 3, 1 to 4… for you to optimize the storage retrieval integration.

Robot & human collaboration

In industries with a large number of lines per order (e.g. grocery), we partner to optimize the flow of goods to robot & human stations.

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