Mai 14, 2024

Nomagic Secures 8 Million Euro R&D Loan from European Investment Bank 

to enable multi-hour autonomy with AI for piece-picking robots in warehouses Nomagic, a company providing robotic picking solutions for warehouses using proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI), announces that it secured an 8 million Euro Research & Development loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB). This investment not only underscores the company’s customer traction but also validates […]

Januar 23, 2024

16 Intel RealSense cameras challenge

At Nomagic, we teach robots the real world. It’s not a secret that the real world is immensely complex and to perform some tasks efficiently you wish you had an additional pair of eyes. Some of our robots had exactly the same feeling so we decided to help them. In this post, we share our […]

Dezember 12, 2023

Tricks and tips of using RealSense D400 series

We work quite a bit with RealSense D400 series cameras (mainly D415) at Nomagic. These are popular cameras, as they offer RGB with depth input at a reasonable price — tens of times cheaper than the industrial depth cameras. Being a stereo vision camera with a static pattern, it allows for multiple cameras to work without […]

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