Nomagic Secures 8 Million Euro R&D Loan from European Investment Bank 

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to enable multi-hour autonomy with AI for piece-picking robots in warehouses

Nomagic, a company providing robotic picking solutions for warehouses using proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI), announces that it secured an 8 million Euro Research & Development loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB). This investment not only underscores the company’s customer traction but also validates its commitment to Research & Development towards warehouse solutions operating at 99.9% for customer satisfaction.

EIB’s Vice-President, Prof. Teresa Czerwińska (left), Nomagic’s CEO, Kacper Nowicki (right)

EIB’s Vice-President, Prof. Teresa Czerwińska, said: “Supporting innovation stands as a cornerstone among the strategic priorities of the European Investment Bank. We are pleased to announce our commitment to providing essential capital to Nomagic under the InvestEU programme. This financial support is aimed at empowering Nomagic in advancing automation solutions for the warehousing sector.”

The R&D loan comes at a pivotal moment for Nomagic, as it accelerates commercially and witnesses strong traction in the market, particularly for its flagship products, justInduct for Pocket Sorters and justPick for AutoStore. Recent partnerships with prominent third-party logistics (3PL), like Fiege and Arvato, have solidified Nomagic’s position as an industry frontrunner in robotic item handling.

The infusion of capital from EIB will be allocated towards ramping up strategic research and development efforts in the company’s AI systems. A significant portion of the funds will be dedicated to enhancing the company’s already cutting-edge robotic picking solutions, notably the underlying ReactAI technology.

ReactAI, with its advanced video-based anomaly detection capabilities, uses computer vision to identify even rare warehouse picking errors such as incorrect picks, 2-item picks, glued items or unsealed boxes opening during manipulation. Once identified, ReactAI can automatically react and correct these errors to continue operations without requiring any onsite intervention. With the allocated funds, Nomagic plans to deploy video-based anomaly detection to all its robots and enable multi-hour autonomy for night and week-end shifts when no operators are present. 

Marek Cygan, Nomagic’s co-founder, Chief AI Officer, and recently appointed to the AI advisory board to the Polish Government, said: “Nomagic has built a world-class, lean AI team striving for 99.9% solutions to deliver the best service and Return on Investment to our customers. This means building a platform and features that may not be easily visible when watching our robots but are essential to provide customer value. Nomagic ReactAI, which we will deploy to our production robots with this new funding, perfectly exemplifies our AI capabilities.”

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