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Nomagic, just Intelligent Robotics, keeping your warehouse always ON.


always ON warehouses operating like magic

We are


just Intelligent Robotics, keeping your warehouse always ON, transforming it and bringing it one step closer towards full automation

We add extra Performance to ecom logistics and make Humans' job less repetitive. We do not only sell technology: we build a partnership to adapt to your needs

Our team brings Expertise in robotics, AI and cloud as well as Experience in Logistics and takes end-to-end responsibility for warehouse item handling

How it all started...

Having spent 8 years as an Engineering Director at Google and two more as a CTO at Omio in Berlin, I got intrigued by a Google scientific paper showing how 14 robots have learnt to pick unknown items just by trying and using those trials to train an algorithm - just like we all train our brains when we are 6 months old.

I decided that the time was right to start developing Intelligent Robotics: services using robotics, cloud & deep learning to help people with repetitive manual tasks, beyond the traditional automotive factories.

After some discussions, iterations and first ideas, I was joined by Marek (Professor in algorithmics & a competitive programmer) and Tristan (former product director at a $1B exit in San Francisco). The three of us agreed to focus our efforts on logistics - a sector which was booming, and at the same time becoming more challenging for companies to cope with repetitive manual tasks.

On 12 June 2017

Nomagic opens its first office with 7 people. And that is how our story starts…

Our values

Climb the summit
Climb the summit

We expect each of us to be committed. We may argue and discuss the goal, but once aligned, everyone commits and strives to reach the summit with a positive mindset and can-do attitude. Only this way we can support our partners in achieving their ambitious goals.

Improve by experimenting
Improve by experimenting

We often navigate in the unknown. To make our decisions more accurate and build reliable systems, we make experiments, collect data and use the results to move forward. We expect data-driven decisions as well as being challenged on these.

Face the brutal facts and act
Face the brutal facts and act

We do not sugarcoat things - inside or outside. We believe only in success that is supported by reality and facts. When we smell problems, we analyze, raise our hands early and dive deeper to focus on solutions. We then collaborate to implement them.

We are here to help
We are here to help

We want to contribute to a better future by developing robots that help people with repetitive manual tasks. To achieve this, we help warehouse operators with easy to operate robots, warehouse managers with reliable systems, and help our customers as partners.

Feedback is a gift
Feedback is a gift

Feedback is the key to helping others improve. It is an essential part of our culture, be it external or internal, to our peers, direct reports, managers or to the CEO. Anyone is expected to facilitate feedback, welcome it, and to deliver it back in a direct but respectful way.

We all trust you
We all trust you

We hire and develop experts, so they can make decisions in their areas, collaborate, take responsibility and be accountable for the results. In this, we trust you to act in the best interest of Nomagic, and keep a long-term work-life balance without constant guidance.


2019 – the first fully automated packing line with Cdiscount

In May 2018, Nomagic starts a collaboration with Cdiscount with the aim of developing the first robotic solution for packing single product orders, and making it operational by the end of the year.

The solution was installed in Cestas in October 2018 and turned to production in 2019.

Packing induction
Our investors
DN Capital

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