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The LogiMat trade show, one of the most prominent events in the logistics industry, recently concluded with a plethora of innovative solutions and insights for professionals in the field. 

This annual event brings together industry experts, technology providers, and logistics enthusiasts to showcase the latest advancements in supply chain management, warehouse automation, and transportation systems. 

As the landscape of intralogistics continues to evolve, this year’s event embraced that robotics will be a key driver for success in this dynamic industry.

Industry 4.0 is now and well underway

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is already underway, transforming industries, economies, and societies. Connectivity, digitization, AI, human-machine interaction, automation, IoT, and improvements in robotics are driving innovation, disrupting traditional models, and offering new possibilities for growth and development. 

Warehouse Automation and Robotics on the frontline of development

One of the primary highlights of LogiMat was the emphasis on warehouse automation and robotics. More companies than ever showcased cutting-edge robotic solutions that aim to optimize warehouse operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) attracted significant attention, with their ability to handle material transport. AI driven robot arm solutions like our newly introduced robot HUGO displayed the developments in bin picking for automated warehouses, like with the AutoStore system.

Nomagic revealed “HUGO” and the “itemTilter”


The highlight of Nomagic’s exhibit was undoubtedly the live demonstration of our bin picking (justPick) solution robot, HUGO. We partnered up with Reesink Logistic Solutions and joined their booth with our robot cell. Visitors had the opportunity to witness HUGO justPick in action, seamlessly integrating with an AutoStore System set up by Reesink

In addition to HUGO’s performance, Nomagic also unveiled our latest invention, the itemTilter (patent pending). This innovative feature allows for dynamic repositioning of items by tilting, optimizing packing space and enhancing efficiency.

It’s no magic to relax

Nomagic’s second booth, located in the gallery, provided a welcome retreat for visitors. The relax zone welcomed you with a very motivated Nomagic team offering fresh coffee, small snacks, some gamification and delightful surprises in the form of giveaways, including our most famous – a Lego Set of HUGO

This interactive and engaging approach not only created a pleasant atmosphere but also allowed visitors to immerse themselves in the Nomagic experience and we had the pleasure of welcoming some key influencers from the logistics world.

Nomagic CEO Kacper Nowicki (left) with Michael ten Hompel from Fraunhofer IML (right)

After the fair is before the fair

LogiMAT 2023 was an extraordinary success for Nomagic, leaving positive experiences and impressions to each member of the team on a professional and also personal level. 

Moreover, the positive reception at LogiMAT has reinforced confidence in our solutions and motivates us to continue driving progress and being a part of shaping the future of the industry. 

We are looking forward to LogiMAT 2024 already.

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