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We are on mission to teach robots the real world

We believe that the age of robots helping humans with repetitive manipulation
tasks in warehouses, stores and soon in our homes is coming.

We are building the brain for those robots.


Kacper Nowicki

CEO & co-founder

Former Google Engineering Director from 2007 to 2014, Kacper started their Warsaw office and oversaw expansion to 100+ engineers, then joined GoEuro as CTO before starting Nomagic to finally see robots helping humans.

Marek Cygan

CTO & co-founder

Winner of multiple coding competitions (Google CodeJam, ACM ICPC, Kaggle, TopCoder), Marek was a researcher in algorithms and specialized in Deep Learning before joining Kacper to make an impact on the real world with AI.

Tristan d'Orgeval

COO & co-founder

Former director of Product at The Climate Corporation, Tristan has been passionate about bringing technology to various sectors from Agriculture to Retail, and joined Kacper and Marek to introduce agile robots in logistics and retail.

We live by our values

Take roots in science
& grow with customers

Face the brutal facts
& use intelligence

Launch & Iterate

Challenge but respect

Better be wrong than idle

Embrace the adventure

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We are robotic fans, ML gurus, software experts, operations teammates.

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