justInduct at ASOS in BerlinjustInduct at ASOS in Berlin

justInduct at ASOS

The fastest pocket sorter induct solution

Performance without CAPEX

Nomagic justInduct robots operate on 3 shifts at the warehouse of ASOS in Berlin, helping ASOS cope with demand for fashion both for the base activity and for the end of year peaks.

Nomagic offers justInduct robots on a Robot-as-a-Service model, taking full responsibility for retrofitting the robot to the pocket sorter and reducing OPEX without any significant Capex investment.

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Integration at ASOS See the fastest pocket sorter induct solution in action!

Performance and peace of mind Core KPIs at ASOS are:

650 units/h


Performance: Speed is absolutely key for ASOS and our sustained throughput up to 650 items per hour guarantees the performance of the pocket sorter installation.


Item coverage

Peace of mind: For our justInduct robots to be reliable partners for ASOS operations, we got them to pick 80%+ of regular fashion items, and there is more to come…

Partnership: Richard and all our team there for you

Nomagic is a provider of end-to-end robotic picking solutions. The package consists of hardware, AI and software as well as a service of remote operations and continuous upgrades.

By constantly monitoring our justInduct robots "Richard" (their nickname) and with the ability to intervene remotely, Nomagic takes full responsibility for induct operations.

Robots Richard can also analyse any potential issues and learn from feedback, allowing for autonomous updates where applicable.

We've partnered with ASOS to create a solution that fits their needs. Only this way have we been able to achieve a high-performance, scalable solution that can truly support them in their challenges and help keep their warehouse always ON.

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