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Online retailer Komplett.no, an early adopter of AutoStore warehouse automation, is beginning the strategic use of intelligent robots from Nomagic in its logistics center in Norway.  

(press release – Warsaw, 27.02.2024) Komplett.no, the largest Scandinavian online-first electronics retailer, focuses on gaming products and consumer electronics, announces a partnership with Polish robotics company Nomagic.

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The online retailer of electronic products Komplett will install two AI-controlled robotic arms at its site in Norway. The automation solution from Nomagic, which solves the complex problem of bin picking, will be used on the AutoStore system at Komplett.

Komplett continues to drive forward the automation of its logistics centers. At the branch in Norway, two intelligent picking picking robots will be installed and are scheduled to go live by the end of this year. The two robot arms will be integrated into the existing automation system. The justPick solution picks at a port of the Autostore system, an automated storage and retrieval system, the large number of retail electronics products sold. 

With the mature technology, which was developed by robotics company Nomagic, Komplett intends to optimize the throughput of order processing, improve the inventory management and at the same automate the most repetitive task in today’s picking process to meet future growth.  

Kjetil Sundland Henriksen, Logistic Developer at Komplett Norway, says: “The heart of this new established partnership lies in the integration of Nomagic’s “justPick” robot stations into Komplett’s AutoStore System, which we already installed in 2007. These robot stations will seamlessly merge with Komplett’s existing infrastructure, and are the next step in our holistic automation strategy.”

The automatically interchangeable robot gripper arms feature suction cup technology, which enables them to pick any item and minimize errors.

justPick robot HUGO, Nomagic

Martin Schmitz, Director of Sales at Nomagic explains: “Bin picking is still one of the biggest challenges in the development of robotics. With the justPick technology we are mastering this discipline. Products are routed fully automatically through receiving, storage, packing and shipping. Not just simple pick-and-pack; justPick also prepares entire orders by packing all the products in an order into target containers. These are then sent to a packing station via AutoStore, for example. In addition, justPick also automates batch creation: it creates and picks batches of individual product orders or a series of SKUs for forwarding to other areas of the warehouse.”

Scheduled to go live and commence operations in late 2024, the Nomagic justPick stations promise to take Komplett’s already efficient AutoStore System to higher levels of automation.

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