for AutoStore™ and Shuttle systems

Meet the perfect partner

to help your storage automation systems reach their full potential

justPick is the perfect partner for your associates to manage robots which represent up to 10x their regular picking activity thanks to their individual autonomy of above 2 hours.

Let our robots take care of pick & place or pick & pack, and assign your associates to value-added robotic supervision tasks.

Key features

Picks for 70+% of SKUs

Picks for 70+% of SKUs

with autonomous work of more than 2 hours

Makes picking always ON

Makes picking always ON

and allows to pick off cycles

Scales with your needs

Scales with your needs

from a single pilot station to a robot fleet

  • justPick is the perfect partner to work hand in hand with your associates operating state-of-the-art automation systems, such as AutoStore™ and Shuttle. These systems will not reach their full potential until the pick and place or pick and pack tasks in their ports are also automated.

○ To meet the high demand for e-commerce, justPick allows picking activity to be always ON. Tests by our customers made justPick prepared to work with all the types of products and storage layouts. It delivers process reliability due to smart filtering, autonomous actions and remote monitoring.

○ By deploying our product you improve the efficiency of pick and place or pick and pack tasks, your operating costs and working conditions in your warehouse. Let our robot take care of repetitive tasks and assign your associates to high value-added activities.

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