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Turn on robotic picking with reliable partners

Transforming manual warehouses into fulfillment centers, where products automatically flow from reception to storage, packing and shipping, is fraught with risks that can cancel the benefits.

Proven solutions such as AutoStore™ offer the first step of automation.

justPick is the natural next step.
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AutoStore™ picking

nomagic justPick your natural next step in picking for AutoStore™.

Nomagic provides picking for AutoStore™ robotic solution built for reliability:


Multiple layers of validation in our algorithms to guarantee pick success


Built-in redundancy in our monitoring and control systems


Remote robot operators who never leave your robot alone

Our solutions can be calibrated to your needs.

Pick and Pack

Transform a manual AutoStore™ port into full automation by taking on Nomagic robotic solutions and packing automation.

Order preparation

Prepare multi-product orders into target bins sent to a packing station via a conveyor or via your AutoStore™.

Batch creation

Pick and create batches of single product orders or set of SKUs to forward to other parts of the warehouse.

They trust us
Christian Doppler

Christian Doppler

Head of Technical Operations at Competec (logictics arm of BRACK.CH)

"Nomagic team got to understand our business and became true partners in identifying and co-designing solutions for our use cases."

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