Packing inductionPacking induction

Take packing line to full automation

Deliver quality packing thanks to our remote monitoring

Packing machines make warehouse operations much easier. They reduce the operations workload, simplify the packing process, and optimize packaging volumes.

Packing machines help increase your packing efficiency.

justInduct further optimizes packing throughput.
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about justInduct

Nomagic justInduct your natural next step in packing induction.

Nomagic provides Pick and Packing robotic solution built for trust:


High performance algorithms to guarantee pick and pack success


24/7 remote monitoring for fully automated packing line


Long term partnership with our responsibility for packing induct

Our solutions can be calibrated to your precise specifications and KPI expectations.

Precision packing

We can guarantee placement for mono packing into shipping boxes with less than 5 mm margins.

High speed line

For packing lines running above 500 items/h, we partner to optimize robot throughput (scanning optimization, multi-station setup etc).

Variable number of order lines

We work in initial project phases to help you design integrations that optimize robot efficiency across a variety of order types.

They trust us
Simon Crampe

Simon Crampe

Project Manager at Cdiscount

"Thanks to Nomagic's solutions, we reduce the drudgery of pick and place tasks while still maintaining the highest levels of logistics performance."

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