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The fastest pocket sorter induction

Pocket sorter

Support your associates with the most repetitive tasks

Pocket sorter systems address the unique logistical challenges for the apparel industry which needs to allow a wide range of product sizes, shapes, weights and packaging to be sorted, grouped and routed to packing stations.

Pocket sorters bring the required automation at scale to fulfill customer promises.

justInduct adds the extra performance.
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Nomagic provides Pocket Sorter induction robotic solution built for performance and scalability:


Scanning garments and boxes at an unmatched success rate


Reducing operating cost for monotonous and repetitive tasks


Scaling for peak periods at no extra cost

Our solutions can be adapted to your specific integration and KPI requirements.

Simple operations first:

To minimize operational changes, our system can be designed to pick, scan and place in the same way your associates currently work.

Ease of integration first:

Our system can directly interact with the existing operator screen, without the need to integrate with your WCS.

High throughput first:

If your focus is performance first and foremost, we partner and define software integration and adaptation to your picking process.

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