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Robotic manipulation powered by AI
for agile stores & warehouses

Increase the efficiency of warehouse & store operations from order fulfillment to restocking shelves with robotic manipulation. Empower operators, develop agility and deliver goods more reliably.

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We provide robotic pick-and-place systems for order preparation and fulfillment that can be easily adapted to multiple warehouses and various tasks.

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Learns continuously to manage a growing number of SKUs, skills and environments autonomously.

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Make decisions in milliseconds and constantly adapt to new conditions to process each product in seconds.

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Adjust to new setup with minimal intervention, and provide intuitive user interface to empower operators.


Robots can learn and transfer skills at an unprecedented rate, making them faster, smarter and simpler to deploy beyond the factory floor. This will revolutionize how we achieve manual tasks at scale, by bringing agility and modularity to logistics, first in ecommerce and retail.

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We are teaching robots the real world.

We are a team of passionate engineers, roboticists, deep learning experts based in vibrant city of Warsaw.

We are passionate about science & products. We try new things, launch and iterate quickly. And we are on an adventure to build robots that help us, humans.

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Kacper Nowicki

Kacper Nowicki


Kacper started Nomagic in 2017 out of impatience and frustration not seeing robots helping humans as was promised for so long. Former Google Eng Director from 2007 to 2014, Kacper started their Warsaw office and oversaw expansion to 100+ engineers before joining GoEuro as CTO.

Marek Cygan

Marek Cygan


Marek co-founded Nomagic to fulfill the promise of Artificial Intelligence bringing impact in the real world beyond a computer screen. Winner of multiple coding competitions (Google CodeJam, ACM ICPC, Kaggle, TopCoder), Marek is a researcher in algorithms and specialized in Deep Learning

Tristan d'Orgeval

Tristan d'Orgeval


Tristan co-founded Nomagic to solve the problem of developing logistics systems that can support the growth and speed of e-commerce. Former director of Product at The Climate Corporation, Tristan has been passionate about bringing technology to various sectors from Agriculture to Retail.

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